General Membership Meeting 2014 – Open Thread

The Secretary of the AHF has created this open thread for members to ask questions, post ideas, and otherwise submit feedback regarding the current and future activities of the association.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Sean Williford

Secretary, AHF


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General Membership Meeting 2014 – Appeals to the Membership

The AHF is a 503(c) non-profit organization with no employees. All of the activities of the AHF are supported by volunteer labor from the officers and membership of the organization.

The standing committee structure of the AHF can always benefit from volunteers from members. Standing committees include the following:

Project Development Committee
The Project Development Committee works on the creation and implementation of projects that fulfill the AHF’s mission to educate. Research, workshops, the AHF library, video archive, website content development, and exhibitions are just some of the undertakings discussed. It is the largest committee comprised of sub-committees as needed.

Rules Committee
The Competitive Rules Committee is chaired by the First Vice-President and consists of six additional members, at least four of whom must be professional members. It the duty of this committee to formulate and interpret the rules for tournaments sponsored by this organization.

Sponsorship committee
It is the duty of this committee to find and maintain sponsorship for the activities and competitions of the organization.

The AHF particularly needs volunteers to help with the following initiatives:

  1. Fundraising: Currently, the AHF’s primary sources of funding are memberships and a portion of tournament fees, which places the organization point at a roughly break-even point. Increased activities will require finding new means and sources of funding.
  2. Public relations and outreach: The membership of the AHF Facebook group currently dwarfs the paying membership of the AHF. A motivated volunteer working to raise awareness of the AHF and AHF activities would be of tremendous value.
  3. Website contributions: The AHF stands by the quality of materials published on the AHF website and online journal. In addition to the scholarly publications of the AHF, the Secretary wishes to launch a new blog for the membership to share shorter items of interest. The proposed name for the blog is ‘Sharp Bits of History’, and submissions can be made immediately via the email address Submissions can include links, pictures, texts, or squibs on topics within the areas of interest of the AHF.


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General Membership Meeting 2014 – Proposed Bylaw Changes

The general membership is invited to discuss the following bylaw changes proposed for the AHF. Discussion can be carried into the comments. Note that these changes will be subject to voting by the membership during the next membership meeting.

A. Article V: Fees, Dues, and Arrears
Section 2. Membership Year. The membership year shall commence on the 1st day of August and end on the following 31st day of July. All dues are payable on application for membership and thereafter on or before the next membership year begins.
Proposed: Membership Year. The Membership year shall commence on the 1st day a member profile is made active on the website and payment is received. Active membership shall expire exactly one year from said date, unless extended by the renewal process.
B. Article VII: Board of Governors
Section 5. Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors shall be convened upon not less than 45 days’ notice, and shall immediately precede, to the extent practicable, the Annual Membership Meeting.
Proposed: Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors shall be convened at the convenience of the Board of Governors, and should precede, to the extent practicable, the Annual Membership Meeting.
C. Article X: Membership Meetings
Section 1. Annual Membership Meeting. The Annual Membership Meeting of the AHF shall be convened during the month of July at a location, date and time to be fixed by the President. There shall be notice to the membership of the location, date, and time of the meeting at least 60 days prior to the meeting.
Proposed: Annual Membership Meeting. The Annual Membership Meeting of the AHF shall be convened during a convenient month between March and August at a location, date and time to be fixed by the President. There shall be notice to the membership of the location, date, and time of the meeting at least 30 days prior to the meeting.


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General Membership Meeting 2014 – Reports

The General Membership Meeting is now closed.

Welcome to the 2014 General Membership Meeting of the AHF. The general agenda of this meeting is as follows:

  1. 2014 Report on activities and accomplishments from the Executive Committee and Directors of the AHF.
  2. Notice of proposed changes to the bylaws of the AHF to amend the definition of the Membership Year and simplify rules around the scheduling of meetings.
  3. Restatement of membership benefits of the AHF, and updates on membership cards.
  4. Appeals to the AHF general membership in several critical areas, including
    • Fundraising
    • PR and promotions
    • Contributions to the AHF website and Facebook group
  5. Open thread for other feedback from the general membership.

Over the last year, the AHF has continued with three annual events: Classical Foil Open Tournament (Jupiter, FL ), Redwood Coast Assault of Arms (Humboldt State University in California), and The Grand Assault of Arms in New York. The entire competition of The Grand Assault at Arms was open to the public in 2013, due to a compression of the event to a single day. The Fencing Officials Commission is engaged on producing a new booklet containing a consolidated set of rules and the scoring process for AHF events. A Judges’ Clinic is upcoming next month for the Humboldt State Fencing Club in Arcata, CA.

Our long-serving webmaster, Stephanie Zimmerman, resigned from her role in the fall, and the Secretary of the AHF has been serving this role in the interim. The AHF Facebook group continues to grow steadily, and there have been many discussions among the Executive Committee has to how to better take advantage of this audience. Ideas and suggestions from the general membership are welcome.

From an overall membership perspective, there has been limited growth over the last year, and currently a high proportion of the membership has let their subscriptions lapse in 2013. The Secretary will be reaching out to the membership with a reminder to renew presently.

The Historical Fencing Translation Project is in production this year, with a new project commissioned to translate and interpret Le Perche’s L’Exercice des Armes. The translation is being carried out by Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martinez.

Members of the Executive Committee and Directors, please include your reports as comments to this post. Here follows a report from Ivan Peterson, President of the AHF.

Presidents Report:

The last year has seen a new executive team stepping in to their various roles. As we explored and discussed what we wanted the AHF to become it was clear that some administrative house cleaning was in order.  Several items are up for a vote that seem to be the most critical for making the association run more smoothly.  But more than that, it seems clear to all that the AHF can be more, can do more. More than just talking about what we should do, we need individuals who would be willing to volunteer their time. For example, I would like to see more scholarly work done having to do with historic swordplay, but alas I have a day job. So, we look to the membership to volunteer their time to network with local scholars, find interesting period essays, or report on swords located in local museums that we could put on the website for all.  To that end we look to various ways that we might get useful scholarly content on the website. I look forward to hearing from the membership as to how we might accomplish this and other tasks.


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2013 Board: Thoughts about the Future

This post was opened on 2/21/2013 as a place to start a conversation between the newly elected AHF board of governors. Feel free to post your thoughts on where you’d like to see the AHF go in the future.

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2013 Elections are Now Closed

The 2013 Elections are now closed. To find out more about our new AHF Board of Governors, check out their biographies.

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Questions / Comments?

Should you have any particular questions or additional comments about this election, post them here.

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AHF Officer Elections are Just Around the Corner

Happy New Year AHF members!

The current Board of Governors wishes you the very best in this new year. It has been a pleasure working with everyone and watching the AHF grow as an organization as it continues to acheive its stated goals. Now, it is time to move forward and hold elections for another round of officers to guide our organization as we move into the new year. Elections will take place between January 7th to January 27th.


Cecil Longino

AHF President


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Membership Module Upgrade

In December of 2012, the AHF website was successfully migrated to a new Internet Service Provide. The CMS and plugins were upgraded and the former s2Member plugin was retired. Now all membership accounts are handled through eMember.

With this new membership manager, you no longer need to sign up for recurring annual PayPal subscriptions. Instead you only sign up manualy each year. However, even after your account has expired you will still be able to log into your account and initiate a renewal without having to create a new account.

In coming weeks, we will be manually deactiving all previous membership subscriptions through PayPal. You will receive an email from PayPal saying that your AHF subscription was cancelled. However, rest assure – your AHF membership is not actually being cancelled, just the automatic renewal. All previous membership accounts were migrated to the new eMember module, retaining your original expiration/subscription dates. This means that your current membership will not expire until the annual date for your original membership subscription. You may renew your annual membership at any time by logging into your account and going through the renewal process.

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2013 Election Poll

The 2013 election polls are now closed.

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