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Letter from the AHF President

Last summer I was honored to be elected President of the Association for Historical Fencing. Since taking office the board of directors and I have been streamlining the Association’s internal systems, defining our role in the community, and determining how to best serve our members.

First and foremost the AHF is an association of members. We’re a fellowship of amateurs, professionals, and institutions who support and believe in the same mission: the lasting preservation of classical and historical fencing. As times change and fads come and go, our interest and fascination with fencing endures. We’re inspired the more we learn and believe that by sharing knowledge we preserve fencing for future generations. As such our motto has always been The Future of Fencing is its Past.

Preservation is our most important function and education is a close second. To this end, the board decided to open many sections of our website previously limited to members. We’re planning a full calendar of new uploads including digital expositions, original research, and historical vignettes on the fencing and fencers of the past. In addition, we maintain our commitment to producing tournaments executed with the highest level of professionalism and with a peerless ruleset rooted in history.

Our efforts provide members with insight into fencing’s past and a community to share them with. If you too believe in our mission I invite you to become a member of the Association with me. We can do a lot with your support.


Benjamin Bowles

President, Association for Historical Fencing

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