Association Events

The AHF hosts, sponsors, and participates in events that directly relate to its mission to educate, creating public awareness and interest in historical and classical fencing. This is accomplished through workshops, presentations, tournaments and public demonstrations. Furthermore, the AHF is available to work with like-minded individuals and organizations and provides specific guidelines for those who are interested in hosting an AHF event. It is through this work that the AHF ensures that this valuable cultural artifact survives for future generations.

If you are interested in hosting an AHF event please review our Guidelines for Hosting AHF Events.


Tournaments are not the primary focus of the AHF. Nevertheless they are a valuable educational tool which provide the means and the opportunity for fencers to test themselves in a structured adversarial situation. The AHF tournament is designed specifically to allow fencers to express to the fullest extent of their ability what they have learned and internalized during their training. Tournaments thus provide the fencers the opportunity to face unfamiliar fencers where they must adapt to the circumstances, problem solve and make instant decisions. The Fencing Officials Commission (FOC) is the regulatory body for training and certifying tournament judges and directors.

Grand Assault of Arms

November, 2023 – Planning in Progress

Classical Fencing Open

March 18, 2023 – Florida

Past Events

View the archive of past Association events here.