Historical Fencing Translation Project

“Created as an ongoing endeavor to produce top quality, professionally translated historical fencing treatises.”

The Historical Fencing Translation Project (HFTP) is the offspring of the Capo Ferro Translation Project (CFTP) which was created in 2000 to raise funding for the translation of Ridolfo Capo Ferro’s great fencing treatise Gran Simlacro…. Four years after its initiation, the CFTP completed its mission with the publication of Italian Rapier Combat which is now available in a second printing through any major bookseller.

This translation was made possible through the donations and efforts of generous patrons and several not-for-profit organizations. In continuing this important work, the HFTP is in the preliminary stages of undertaking another translation of an important historical fencing treatise. We are now accepting donations to fund the translation of another significant treatise. For more information, click on the links below.

Please contact Jared Kirby, Project Director, with any questions, or see our Frequently Asked Questions.