How to Donate to the Translation Project

As a Non-for Profit organization, The Association for Historical Fencing can be eligible for Matching Funds donations or Corporate Grants. We are asking individual sponsors who work in corporate environments to explore the possibility of obtaining corporate funding through their employers.

The next translation will be commissioned once we achieve our initial goal. All profits from the sale of Italian Rapier Combat along with your generous donations will aid us in achieving this goal. Continue to check the website for information on the progress of the Historical Fencing Translation Project.

If you donate online, the AHF will also give you a complimentary (time-limited) access account to the AHF library. Otherwise, you can Mail in a Check or Money Order.


(includes 2-year complimentary access)

 coming soon

(includes 5-year complimentary access)

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Donate $750
(includes 5-year complimentary access)

 coming soon

(includes 5-year complimentary access)

 coming soon

Please direct any questions you have to Jared Kirby, HFTP Project Director.

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