HFTP Funding Disclosure

It is the long term goal of the HFTP to become a self-funded project, using the proceeds from the sales of subsequent translations to fund future translations. For example, all proceeds from the sale of Italian Rapier Combat are being allocated to the HFTP to support the next translation project.

However, this will only account for a small portion of our goal. We are now accepting donations from Historical Fencing enthusiasts. It was through the efforts of fencing historians, scholars, museum curators, and the general public that Italian Rapier Combat became a reality. We need your help now more than ever.

Donations in any amount are also welcome and appreciated. There are various donation levels available to all donors. All sponsors will receive special acknowledgement for their generous donation in the print edition of the newest translation. Sponsorships are available as follows:

  • Patron: $250
  • Sponsor: $500
  • Advocate: $750
  • Benefactor: $1000



  • Lou Costa
  • Matt Pius


  • Greig Watson

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