Article Submission Guidelines

Writer’s Guidelines

1. Unsolicited articles and museum reviews are welcome from AHF members. Such articles should deal solely with the art, science, and technique of classical or historical fencing or related subjects such as dueling and fencing history.

2. Articles should be written in a scholarly manner. All sources shall be documented in footnotes, and a bibliography of works cited shall be provided with each article. The AHF reserves the right to reject submissions based on accuracy of information or credibility of sources used.

3. Submitted articles should adhere to the following guidelines: include title of article, include author’s name(s), be a minimum of 500 words (larger articles may be serialized), do not include indentation for paragraphs (paragraphs should be separated through spacing), include single space between sentences, and checked for spelling and grammatical errors.

4. Articles shall be written in clear, coherent English, using standard Chicago Manual of Style rules. Foreign words shall be italicized and with accents included, such as “passé”.

5. Articles should be submitted to the editor as .doc, .txt or .rtf files. Digital artwork should be submitted at 300dpi resolution, cropped and sized for final output and include any captions or credits as separate text, not embedded within the image. The placement of the images within the text should be indicated where relevant. Documents in PDF format may also be submitted as reference to clarify placement of images. The AHF reserves the right to edit the submitted images for formatting purposes.

6. No monetary compensation is offered for submitted articles. The original author in all cases retains copyright. No article printed by the AHF can be reprinted without the express permission of the author.

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