The association is supported by membership dues which directly support the website, the Estafilade, and AHF-sponsored events. Membership is open to everyone who takes an interest in any aspect of classical fencing, historical fencing or the preservation of factual historical information associated with these topics. Your membership and support is greatly appreciated.

Membership Structure

There are two primary classes of AHF membership: Institutional and Individual.

Institutional Memberships

Institutional membership is available to state-certified educational institutions, corporations, and businesses. One voting delegate represents an institution in the general membership body. The voting representative may not participate in AHF tournaments. The voting delegate/representative is eligible for all other membership benefits. This category is for those who are interested in collaborating with the AHF to host mutually beneficial events or work on joint educational projects.

Institutional Membership($100 per year):

General Memberships

General membership is available to individual persons. Individual membership can further be subdivided into two designations: Professional or Individual.

  • Professional membership is available to a certified teacher in any discipline of classical and historical fencing. Professionals are not permitted to compete in AHF-sanctioned tournaments unless it is specifically designated as a professional tournament. Professionals are eligible for all other Individual Member benefits.
  • Individual Membership makes one eligible for all member benefits and allows them to participate in non-professional AHF tournaments.
General Membership ($40/annually):