General Membership Meeting 2014 – Appeals to the Membership

The AHF is a 503(c) non-profit organization with no employees. All of the activities of the AHF are supported by volunteer labor from the officers and membership of the organization.

The standing committee structure of the AHF can always benefit from volunteers from members. Standing committees include the following:

Project Development Committee
The Project Development Committee works on the creation and implementation of projects that fulfill the AHF’s mission to educate. Research, workshops, the AHF library, video archive, website content development, and exhibitions are just some of the undertakings discussed. It is the largest committee comprised of sub-committees as needed.

Rules Committee
The Competitive Rules Committee is chaired by the First Vice-President and consists of six additional members, at least four of whom must be professional members. It the duty of this committee to formulate and interpret the rules for tournaments sponsored by this organization.

Sponsorship committee
It is the duty of this committee to find and maintain sponsorship for the activities and competitions of the organization.

The AHF particularly needs volunteers to help with the following initiatives:

  1. Fundraising: Currently, the AHF’s primary sources of funding are memberships and a portion of tournament fees, which places the organization point at a roughly break-even point. Increased activities will require finding new means and sources of funding.
  2. Public relations and outreach: The membership of the AHF Facebook group currently dwarfs the paying membership of the AHF. A motivated volunteer working to raise awareness of the AHF and AHF activities would be of tremendous value.
  3. Website contributions: The AHF stands by the quality of materials published on the AHF website and online journal. In addition to the scholarly publications of the AHF, the Secretary wishes to launch a new blog for the membership to share shorter items of interest. The proposed name for the blog is ‘Sharp Bits of History’, and submissions can be made immediately via the email address Submissions can include links, pictures, texts, or squibs on topics within the areas of interest of the AHF.


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5 Responses to General Membership Meeting 2014 – Appeals to the Membership

  1. Jeff Richardson

    In regards to public relations….. I have struggled with this one. The AHF needs activities and articles that can be submitted to mainstream publications. The last year has seen quite a few articles come up in mainstream press regarding historical fencing and other European Martial arts systems. Each of our tournaments and other activities should be going out as general press releases to specific periodicals and to Associated Press.
    Unfortunately even in Eastern Martial Arts circles the magazines have begun to be less widely distributed. Press and media opportunities should be looked for by the membership.

    Jeff Richardson – director

  2. Jeff Richardson

    Regarding the website – it was discussed last summer that the board review the site. It looks to me to be in pretty good shape. However as an educational outreach organization it could use more content accessible to the general public. Some time ago materials were being assembled when the site was being redesigned in order to provide historical data on various fencing masters. I submitted quite a bit of data at that time. It would be good to explore how this material could be integrated into the site.
    Jeff Richardson – director

    • Ivan

      Jeff, absolutely. I am sorry you submitted information and it disappeared into the void. We need to do better on that. Part of what we have talked about is streamlining the submissions process so that everyone involved knows if we want to use something with in a standard week, and have it formatted and up on a monthly or quarterly basis.

      We all agree that the web site needs to become more of a resource. We want to maintain as high a standards as possible.

  3. mwss

    As a non profit organization, we are certainly no where near making a profit. I do imagine we can do a better job seeking sponsorships, funds, donations, etc., especially considering how much we are offering to the community. I would suppose knowing better the scope of the community, advocating the AHF more vigorously everywhere, including on social media, and referencing the each with which donations can be made and publicly acknowledged – these are all very important ways of generating financial support for the association. I’m surprised we don’t have sponsors lining up just to get their names distributed. I would very much advocate a special position in charge of just this aspect of the AHF, even a new office for this very purpose.

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