Executive Committee Candidates

The Executive Committee is composed of the officials responsible for daily operations including: president, 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, secretary, and the treasurer.


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  1. President Candidate(s)

    Ivan L. Peterson is a teacher and educator with over 25 years experience in secondary and post secondary classrooms. He currently is Associate Dean of General Studies at ITT-Tech Boise campus. He holds an MA in History and a BS in classical languages. Ivan has lectured on various topics in both the History and Philosophy departments at the University of Idaho.

    As a student, teacher, and researcher I bring a formal academic skill set to the AHF as well as a love of all things associated with swords and sword like objects .

    For more information see my Linkedin page: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ivan-peterson/43/b2b/499

  2. 1st Vice President Candidate(s)

    Tim Nelson is from Vancouver, Washington, and currently resides in Kalama, Washington. He is finishing a bachelor’s degree in history at the University of Washington, where he focused on medieval studies and Latin. While in Seattle, Mr. Nelson participated in the University Symphony Orchestra and the University Wind Ensemble, and began fencing at the Academia della Spada and later, the Salle Saint-George, where he is still a student. In the last four years he has participated in tournaments, workshops, and lectures made possible by the Association for Historical Fencing. Mr. Nelson is an advocate for the correct presentation of historical and traditional fencing, and believes the AHF to be capable of achieving this end. It is Mr. Nelson’s view that the most important issues for the AHF in the immediate future are a reworking of the bylaws, an increase in active membership, especially in schools teaching traditional fencing, and an effort to build relationships both with the public and the academic community.

  3. 2nd Vice President Candidate(s)

    Cecil Longino has served as both a director on the Board of Governors and as AHF President over the past four years. He has hosted and co-hosted events on behalf of the AHF in Seattle, WA. Recently, Cecil was on the committee to redesign and implement the current version of the AHF website. He graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Literature (focusing on Elizabethan stagecraft) and a minor in history. In 2003, Cecil had become a formal student of Maestro Ramon Martinez and Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martinez, training in both classical and historical weapons. It was this formal training in classical fencing that rekindled his love of traditional methods. He has earned the rank of instructor in French foil, French small-sword, Spanish rapier, Italian rapier and Traditional rapier with the Martinez Academy of Arms in New York and continues to instruct in these methods at the Salle Saint-George in Seattle.

    Through his teaching of fencing or his past work with Americorps and the Boy Scout’s Learning for Life program, Cecil has strived to connect individuals to history and the wealth of tradition that has functioned as the backbone of Western civilization.

    Striving to educate the public about classical and historical fencing, he has successfully organized fencing tournaments, demonstrations, along with hosting the highly acclaimed 4W (Western Washington Western Martial Arts Workshop), the first major classical and historical fencing symposium hosted in the Pacific Northwest.

  4. Secretary Candidate(s)

    Sean Williford has expressed an interest in European swordplay since leading imaginary charges on the fields of Shiloh at the age of 3, armed with a plastic saber. Mr. Williford found no practical forum for this interest until discovering the Martinez Academy of Arms, where he entered as a student in 2010. Since that time, he has progressively increased his time and commitment to study, and he is keen to help secure a future for the art.

    Mr. Williford graduated from Harvard and Stanford universities with A.B. and M.A degrees in Linguistics. He has since focused on a career in the computing industry. An experienced project manager and team lead, Mr. Williford possesses a range of skills in communications, problem solving, and logistics. Mr. Williford also conducts independent research into 19th century student societies and student life, looking at the small-scale dynamics of these institutions along with the context of a range of antique pastimes.

  5. Treasurer Candidate(s)

    Michael Wen-Sen Su has studied and acquired multiple degrees in Physics and Architecture, but finds his continuing study of Fencing to be the most spiritually rewarding. He began studying Classical and Historical Fencing with Maestro Ramon Martinez and Maestro Jeannette Acosta-Martinez over ten years ago, and recently received certification as an Instructor of the French foil at the Martinez Academy. It is precisely this long association with Classical and Historical Fencing that has led Mr. Su to take on a bigger role within the Fencing community as Treasurer of the AHF. Since becoming a member of the AHF at its founding, Mr. Su has participated in the organization of many AHF events. Now, as AHF Treasurer, Mr. Su draws upon his experiences of acting as university-residence treasurer for 2 years and running a real estate management business for the last 15 years. Besides Fencing, Mr. Su is also Visiting Professor and Thesis Coordinator in the School of Architecture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.